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AGM-65B for A-10A.


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We are now getting closer to Leathernecks release of the AJS 37 Viggen and that will Bring with it Both the AGM-65A (or atleast the Swedish variant of it)

as well as the AGM-65B.


The AGM-65A and AGM-65B were the primary weapons for the A-10A for a long time.


The AGM-65A for the first few years as the Primary before being Replaced by the AGM-65B but the B stayed in service for allot longer (and should have still been in use in the Mid-late 90s).


Since While AGM-65B would be less capable then the D that entered full service in the mid 80s it was still commonly used on the A-10A

(a mix of 65B and 65Ds would be carried) according to what i can find,

the main reason for this is that the cost for the AGM-65B was far far lower then the cost of a AGM-65D and it was still an effective weapon (depending on weather conditions etc).


So what im wondering is after Leatherneck has implemented these weapons into the game for their AJS 37 Module would it be possible

for either both or atleast the AGM-65B to be added to the A-10A as well as it would be very nice to have for 1980s and 1990s scenarios

and the AGM-65A could be nice to have for early scenarios as it was used from then the A-10A first entered service in the late 70s.

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I concur










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There is the AGM-65B in the game already


That's just a 3D model, not sure if it's up to date with the other variants. The more pressing issue would be its sensor simulation and the view presented on the screens of compatible platforms (like the A-10A e.g.).


Not sure what's the policy on these 3rd party weapons and if the LNS Rb75 can simply be reused as the AGM-65B here by ED?

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