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DCS Bios - Landing gear panel LED PROBLEM

0414 Wee Neal

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I have just finished my Landing gear panel and connected all switches and LEDs to an Arduino Nano. When I was testing the panel in the Cmd window all switches work and register; all good so far.


I started DCS World and A10C module and all switches work fine, however the LEDs keep flickering. I have set these up with 2 Green LEDs per landing wheel, so that I have a total of 6 LED connected. Can anyway assist in identifying the problem? I suspect it may be that the NANO cannot run 6 LED from the USB connection?





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Windows 10, TM Warthog, Crosswind rudder peddles, Occulus Rift S.

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Yes Neal, that would be my first guess. But without seeing a circuit diagram and knowing what LEDS you used, resistors used and how its wired up, it is impossible to accurately diagnose.


You need to provide more detailed information.


John W

aka WarHog.


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