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Suggestions for mission 3


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Hello, I've been trying mission 3 for several times and I couldn't complete it. I'm following WPs until WP7 and then I contact with JTAC Enfield 8. He send me a type 3 contact and a coordinates (NB645623), although no red triangle appear in TAD and I don't know what to do with the coordinates. They don't look UTM or L/L. After that I contact with JTAC again asking several times for "What's my objective" but no answer is received. I continue in the SP8 zone and do fire against several tanks, but then I receive a call saying "Abort, abort, don't authorised" or something like that. Could give me some advise or how to use that coordinates?


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The red triangle should show up if the unit is EPLRS enabled. I've not played this mission yet so I'm not sure if the JTAC is a ground unit or airborne.


If the JTAC is airborne you won't get the red triangle but could create a new wp using the coordinates to get a fix on the target area.


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I'm having a similar problem. I'm able to locate the convoy but as soon as I open fire I get "Abort, Abort, Abort. You have no permission". I'm guessing I need to get permission before entering restricted airspace (the container), but how do I do that?

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Hi Folks. I've yet to complete this mission (had 1 attempt last night but DCS crashed just as I Pushed!

I believe:

You will only get the TAD indication from JTAC once you complete the full JTAC contact: Check-in, Read Back, etc.

As far as I understand it, The Container is a no fly zone. Entering is an immediate failure. Form a couple of other threads it seems the Abort message may be a bug and can be ignored.

I will have another go tonight and see how I get on.

(I am pretty new to DCS and am by no means an expert, so apologies if this is incorrect/inaccurate!)


Update: Just had another go at the mission. I loitered at SP5 (Marshal) until confirmation that SA19s were down as brief states 'Only move into FEBA once area sanitized' then pushed in. At SP7 I checked in with JTAC and was given TAD target. I did get the Abort, no permission message but continued anyway, successfully taking out Arty with help from 2. I was given mission success, RTB message so checked out with JTAC and headed home.

I highly recommend using the PDFs that come with the campaign as they give more detail than the in-game brief and, with the map and line-up card, add to the immersion.

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