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Request mapping change for Spitfire skinning


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At the moment the Spitfire DIFF texture uses the same location to map two very different parts of the skin.


the gear strut portion of the main wheel well interior is also used for the piano hinge on the bottom of the cockpit side door:





This is not a big deal on the default skin as the piano hinge is dark green and the wheel well interior is close to the same colour (interior green but in shadow).


It does however become quite noticeable on skins where the fuselage colour and wheel well colour are quite different.


The rod inside the piano hinge segments is mapped from a different location and is ok as it is currently.


ED, can you please move the piano hinge mapping to a different location on the DIFF texture, maybe take it from inside the wheel well to near the cockpit door so the colour can match the fuselage?



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