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Bug: Plane Control after Pilot Died


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Dear All,


I am experiencing the following bug from the time I picked L-39C in the early access nearly a year ago. I thought that this bug, given how old it is, was widely known. But from my recent correspondence on this forum I realised that this might not be the case. I was wondering if anyone could reproduce it.


Bug: After the pilot dies in a way that the aircraft is not completely destroyed the following will happen:

1. In-cockpit view is available; aileron, elevator and rudder can still be controlled, the canopy can be jettisoned and the pilot can eject.

2. All electric systems are turned off, most of the instruments do not work (stop-watch works), all in-cockpit sounds disappear.


DCS version: All 1.5.X versions, currently 1.5.5, tested only on Steam.


Reproducible: Yes, easily, for both L-39C and L-39ZA, and during both single and multi player.


How I can reproduce it on my system:

Method 1: The easiest way is to set engine fire in the editor, wait for 2 minutes (do not take any actions to put it off), and there you go.

Method 2: Damage the plane during take off by violently pulling up so as to damage the tail. Resulting engine fire will promptly lead to the bug manifestation.

Method 3: Take the plane to combat. Either dive onto some APCs or let F-5s on the ACG multiplier server to fire at you. Sooner or later the bug will appear.


Many thanks for your feedback.

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I can confirm this, happened to me few times, last time on Open Conflict server few days ago under rather funny circumstances.


I was braking away from ground too late, got some hits from some APC i think(nothing crittical) then i stalled it and softly slammed my aircraft on to the ground trying to make it. there was a short blackout, after that i can still fly the plane, no sounds in cockpit, some damage from hitting the ground of course, and i see a message that i am dead, yet still flying the thing.

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