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DCS 1.5.5 Sudden RAM increase+Crashing

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Just a problem I been having in 1.5.5,


DCS have been crashing with in only 10 minutes of play due to a sudden increase of RAM usage, most noticeably the RAM increase drastically right before the crash (Pic related). Performance wise the game plays fine just when doing sudden head turns would cause the game to crash but that not always the case, sometimes it would crash with the smallest of movements or no movement






Also it crashes when selecting high population MP severs such as the 104th server and crashes within a few minutes of playing on Blue Flag.


Here's the latest crash log if it helps,



Thanks in advance.:thumbup:

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can you post your computer specs please? Is your system OC ?


W7 64

R9 380 4G

AMD FX 6300


Directx 11

Not overclocked.


I ran the game in medium settings and ran into the exact problem. Granted I turned pagefile off just recently and now set it to system managed to see how it works.

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