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As always with the South African Air Force skins...


I have been working on creating some skins of interest for the lovely new Spitty. I have researched the serial and squadron codes... so that are as accurate as can be given the limitations of creating skins without the templates.


Thus far, using the generic RAF day fighter skin, photoshop and a bit of cunning.. I have created the following:


1 Sqn SAAF, with 145Sqn RAF in the background







Keep in mind that the 145 Sqn Spits used in Italy during 1945 were predominantly VIIIs.




Again, if there is interest... when they are completed I will upload them and make them available.

FC3, UH-1, P-51D, Mi-8, A-10C, F-86F, FW 190D9, KA-50, Gazelle, Mig 21, M-2000C, F-5E, Spitfire IX, A/V-8B, F/A-18C, F-14, FW 190A8, F-16C, P-47D



NTTR, Normandy, Persian Gulf



Virpil: Warbrd, Alpha-R, Mongoose CM-2 throttle, Warbrd rudder

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