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Reading the current task of an AI group?


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I'm trying to read out the current task of an AI group.


I've the Controller for it, but I can't see a way to read the tasks for this controller (doc). I can only see how to set it, not get it.


local controller = Group.getByName("SomeGroup"):getController()




Anyone tried this before?

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Someone else may give you a better answer but looking through a _G dump from about 6 months ago you seem to be only able to set the task and not interrogate the controller to find out what it's current task is. There is hasTask but I think that is a Boolean to determine whether they have one or not. Is there another way of looking at it? ie spawn them with the appropriate task and then when an event/trigger condition happens give them a new one linked to the event? Otherwise you might need to have a table to record the task they are spawned with and then update it when they are given a new one. Probably worth doing a new _G dump using mist (see mist.debug.dump_G)


["Controller"] = table: 0000000061537EC0     {
   ["Controller"]["isTargetDetected"] = "function: 0000000061538410, C function",
   ["Controller"]["pushTask"] = "function: 00000000615380A0, C function",
   ["Controller"]["__eq"] = "function: 000000006153D1D0, defined in (24-30)",
   ["Controller"]["popTask"] = "function: 0000000061538140, C function",
   ["Controller"]["className_"] = "Controller",
   ["Controller"]["getDetectedTargets"] = "function: 00000000615384B0, C function",
   ["Controller"]["setTask"] = "function: 0000000061537F10, C function",
   ["Controller"]["resetTask"] = "function: 0000000061538000, C function",
   ["Controller"]["setOption"] = "function: 0000000061538280, C function",
   ["Controller"]["__index"] = table: 0000000061537EC0 already defined: ["Controller"],
   ["Controller"]["setCommand"] = "function: 00000000615381E0, C function",
   ["Controller"]["Detection"] = table: 0000000061538370         {
       ["Controller"]["Detection"]["VISUAL"] = 1,
       ["Controller"]["Detection"]["DLINK"] = 32,
       ["Controller"]["Detection"]["OPTIC"] = 2,
       ["Controller"]["Detection"]["RWR"] = 16,
       ["Controller"]["Detection"]["IRST"] = 8,
       ["Controller"]["Detection"]["RADAR"] = 4,
   ["Controller"]["__tonumber"] = "function: 000000006153D2C0, defined in (48-50)",
   ["Controller"]["__lt"] = "function: 000000006153D270, defined in (40-46)",
   ["Controller"]["parentClass_"] = table: 000000006153D360 already defined: ["Unit"]["parentClass_"]["parentClass_"],
   ["Controller"]["tonumber"] = "function: 000000006153D310, defined in (52-54)",
   ["Controller"]["__le"] = "function: 000000006153D220, defined in (32-38)",
   ["Controller"]["hasTask"] = "function: 0000000061538190, C function",
   ["Controller"]["setOnOff"] = "function: 0000000061537F60, C function",
   ["Controller"]["__newindex"] = "function: 000000006153D3B0, defined in (63-65)",
   ["Controller"]["knowTarget"] = "function: 0000000061538550, C function",

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