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Engine Smoke


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i've never seen any smoke on start-up in any WWII fighter...


got a screenshot or a short vid?





there are a few for ya ;)


There are a ton more videos out there, i've even got a couple from when i had the delight of riding backseat in a P-51D.


EDIT: heres one of Kermie's P-51C:

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Gonna be kinda difficult for the devs to really implement well/accurately to the satisfaction of the majority of nit pickers :P


Having worked with warbirds in a flying museum collection, I can say with first hand experience that how much smoke the old radials or water coolers spat out on startup varied widely based on:


- Atmospheric conditions

- How long its been since the engine had its annual

- How low it was on oil

- How warm/cool the engine was

- How many shots the pilot requested for the primer (they're external on some old-oldies)

- How new the engine was

- Whether the flight engineer remembered to enable engine oil feed pumps or not prior to startup (that actually happened once LoL)

- How well maintained the ignition system was

- How good (quality) the fuel was/is




Its kind of a crapshoot lol

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Even some simple, scripted smoke effect would do. For example let's note the popping backfire sound effect introduced last year. It's just a .wav sample played while downthrottling to idle, without any big physics calculations behind it, and yet, it's such a cool immersion bonus.

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Either that, difference in pilots' preferences (some guys smoothly ease power out till they're down, some chop it like a cucumber over the numbers) or its possible the FAA requires a different maintenance program for Merlins operated in the US. The FAA really knows how to suck the joy out of flying :|

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It is, but when I've watched guys cut the throttle landing Spits, Mustangs and P-40s workin at air shows I never did hear that kind of backfiring at all. I recently installed DivePlane's Spitfire sound mod and it cut down much of the backfiring.


I like the backfire sounds and hope this does not change. Yes, hope to see the engine smoke for props in an appropriate way soon!

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This popping backfire sound gave me the second "Wow"-moment after I managed to bring the Merlin into life :)


and a little bit of smoke - just if the engine is cold, maybe - would give that some creme on the top.

Also could it be nice to see some kind of black smoke comes out before the engine suddenly (as as it is right now) dies due to over-rev.


Just a suggestion :)

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