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External Light = God Rays..


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A heads up,

I just discovered that any external light entering the headset, causes the light refraction's or God Rays, as I think their called (HTC Vive, likely same with the Rift).


The tighter the headset foam is to the face, the more of the ambient light of a room will be blocked, and decrease or eliminate the refraction's, much more than I thought it would (and the headset properly positioned). I think even more so the case if wearing corrective lenses with the Vive.


To see how much external light cause this anomaly on the lenses, try putting the headset on, powered off, in a well lighted room, then firmly press the headset foam padding onto your facial area, and you'll see how much this makes a difference.


Of course a really tight fitting Vive, is not the most comfortable thing too wear, especially for extended sessions. But, if it's possible, turn down/off the lights or darken the room...


And there is an aftermarket foam cushion, which might help. Has anyone tried it yet?

I may order and give them a try.

CPU = Intel i7-6700K

Motherboard = ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha, w/ the Intel Z170 Chipset,

RAM = 64 Gigs of Ripjaws V F4-3400C16Q.

GPU = Zotac GTX980ti Amp Extreme

Hard-drive = Samsung V-NAD SSD 950 PRO M.2

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