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[REPORTED]Starting at negative altitude results with instant death


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Description: Starting on the ground at negative altitude (bellow sea level, like Death Walley), from FARP, or from ground, results with instant death.

DCS Version:

Steam: no



Reproducible: yes

Step to Reproduce: start mission on the ground, negative altitude

you can use attached mission, just start it and watch yourself blow up :D

Screenshot/Video available: see bellow

Track Available: no

Mission File: attached

Controllers: tm t16000m, ch throttle, crosswind pedals, tir5

OS: win 10

RAM: 16gb

GPU: gtx9700

Mods: no

Any Additional Information: happens only with gazelle. Landing at the ground below sea level doesn't cause any issues.

There used to be a bug in 2.0 which caused any aircraft to explode as soon as it went to negative altitude, but it was fixed some time ago. Perhaps it's related.



death walley farp.miz

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