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Viggen Crib Sheet


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I've created a little crib sheet with what I think will be some useful metric/imperial conversions and limitations.


I've just lifted figures from the manual, used online conversion tools and for the altitudes table I copied a table from a photo of what I think was the fighter version, which I believe has rounding of some sort on the feet to meters conversion (maybe to make it easier for pilots to remember?)


Thought I'd share it here in case any of you think you'd find it handy.




Viggen Crib Sheet.zip

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The altitude table probably comes from an AJSH37, like the one at the Aviodrome museum.


Nice document, thanks


You're welcome mate


Yeah that'll be it, the photo has the handy little table under the HUD...I just knew I'd get a load of comments about the feet to meters on it being wrong if I didn't say where it was from, the rounding seems to be pretty generous :music_whistling:


Although not sure how much use the FL's will be when everyone's tearing round at max altitude of 50m :joystick:

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