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Pilot and gunner mode. Is it fun?


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I always wanted to play a pilot- copilot/gunner simulator over all these years,

but there weren't any options in the simulator community.

I keep praying for a two seat helicopter simulator with the above configuration,

an Apache or even a cobra would be great,

the gunner doing the whole realistic thing from the front seat.

My prayers where not heard since now.

So the question is, i am thinking of purchasing the gazelle and playing it with a friend as a gunner.

Do you the thing the workload for the gunner is enough for a second player?

Would it be fun, or the gunner will get bored after a few missions?

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You have in all Gazelles Multicrew, but in the Mistral and L version, the Co-Pilot is more like a spotter, in the M version though, the Co-Pilot is the weapons officer which can make fun if you are on ts with the pilot or chatting with him, and yes, once you are in the AO with the M, the workload can be on both quite high depending on the threats there, and you can play unlimited missions with it if you are in choppers and the Gazelle

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My wife and I fly together in the Gazelle, and it is a blast. I get us there and back in one piece, and it is her job to navigate, shoot, and yell "incoming" a lot! I have flown many hours by myself, and there is no comparison when there is another person in the seat beside you. The workload of trying to fly and shoot is almost too much when in hostile territory. When you have another person, you can really focus on your tasks and not have to jump back and forth between seats. There are a few bugs that still need to be ironed out (ADF), but I'm sure that Polychop is on top of it and we will see many excellent updates in the future. I would highly recommend the multiplayer experience in the Gazelle.

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@Chump damn you're lucky :D your wife plays DCS with you :thumbup:



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