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RWR mod, ALR-56C and ALR-69 launch and threat tones


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Very simple modification; provides a new set of sounds for the "new threat" and "launch warning" sounds, based off of both DCS and real sounds of the ALR-56C and ALR-69. Although all four sound files are made from scratch, the only notable difference with the ALR-69 is the absence of aliasing of the sound. The ALR-69 is the RWR used in the A-10C, and the ALR-56C is the RWR used in the F-15C.




The ALR-** folders are made to fit with the JSGME program, however, you can also perform completely manual installation. ALR-69 and ALR-56 conflict if both are in use because they both replace "ThreatNewUS." Since this is the case, it is recommended to switch between the two packs depending on what you decide to fly for the day.


Click to download


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the loss of original files if you do not back them up prior to manual installation!

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