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YouTube Video Reviews and Flying


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Good morning Guys,

Jav and I have been together for the past few days working on a project and have also been checking out some of the latest YouTube videos and have come across some great tutorial ones, general information or general flying ones on Hawk.


First up is Zilch79. He has made a couple of excellent tutorial videos so please go take a look and subscribe to his channel as he also has some great videos about most of the DCS aircraft.


DCS: Hawk Startup, Takeoff and Landing Tutorial


DCS: Hawk - Strafing and Rockets Training


Next up is Unleashed Code with a great dogfighting video really showing you the capability of the Hawk and how much you need to think about energy management.


Now we have GrmlZGaming taking a look at the Hawk T1A and a little comparison to the L-39.


Now we have JimKatz showing some features of the Hawk. Unfortunately we're not sure what language this is in but may be useful to some of you. He has a few videos of Hawk on his channel.

Mike, our airline pilot of 35 years, is very impressed with his flying skills!!


Here is Kapsu showing some funny moments with the Hawk damage model. We're sitting here going WTF!!??


And lastly but no means least is Crash Laobi with his Backdoor Driver video. This one had us in stitches and we love Crash's videos. [Language warning]



Please go and subscribe and support these guys making some great videos.



Chris and Mike.

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Hey, thanks for the mention!


The more I fly the Hawk, the more I enjoy it. It really has a lot to offer anyone who really wants to learn more and truly polish up their virtual flying. As any trainer should be, it's easy to fly, but challenging to fly in the precise way that you intend to. Between this and the L-39, I've really gotten better at flying really quickly...of course you wouldn't know it from watching my sloppy flying online. :)


Zilch79's YouTube Channel:

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