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Low FPS in Rift


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Hello all. I received my Rift CV1 back in July, and while it certainly adds an amazing level of realism, I can not seem to get decent performance out of it. I will admit I am completely spoiled with 4K at max settings, but I understood I would be taking a hit in terms of eye candy. I messed with it for a while but eventually packaged it back up and it was gathering dust for a while.


Fast forward to the past couple weeks and I keep watching videos (Bunyap's VR series) and I continually see people getting MUCH better performance than I ever did. I built a new rig recently and broke out the Rift to see if things had improved. And I was rather disappointed. I read over the VR forums here to see what I could do and found some really good information. Particularly BoxxMan's thread on VR controls.


Tonight I sit down to check things out, this time using the in sim FPS counter. Oddly, no matter what I changed, my FPS hovers at 12-15FPS. I tried adjusting all the different sliders, tested pixel density from 1.5-2.5, even used the VR preset, but all my efforts failed to change anything. Like I mentioned above, I know its not going to look like what I am used too in 4K, but I should easily be getting better FPS.


So here I am asking the community for ideas. My limited knowledge of VR is exhausted, and I am at a loss. The one thing that stands out is the lack of any change in FPS despite tons of changes. The only other thing I have not tested is changing monitors. My Rift is plugged in to my Titan via a DP to HDMI adapter as my monitor uses the only available HDMI port. But I cant imagine this having much effect on the performance. So, any ideas? As usual, help is greatly appreciated.

i7-7700K @ 5.2Ghz

SLI 1080Ti

64GB GSkill Trident Z RGB 4133

Asus Maximus IX Extreme

Custom Water Cooling Loop

TM Warthog/ MFG Crosswind

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It sounds crazy. I read in the oculus forums that something is screwing up. A oculus rift user had the same problem. He reinstalled everything. Win10. Ocus rift driver and all the software he had. Problems where gone after that. It is a escape.

New system:I9-9900KS, Kingston 64 GB DDR4 3200Mhz, RTX 3080(OC 2070 Mhz), Corsair H150 Pro RGB, Samsung 970 EVO 1 Tb, Scandisk m2 500 MB, 2 x Crucial 1 Tb, T16000M HOTAS, HP Reverb Professional, Corsair 750 Watt.


Old system:I7-4770K(OC 4.5Ghz), Kingston 24 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz,MSI RTX 2080(OC 2070 Mhz), 2 * 500 GB SSD, 3,5 TB HDD, 55' Samsung 3d tv, Trackir 5, Logitech HD Cam, T16000M HOTAS. All DCS modules, maps and campaigns:pilotfly:

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First off I would try troubleshooting. Swap the HDMI leads so the rift is directly into the titan and use the DP for monitor, check drivers someone linked me to this and it was very useful for checking and updating all the little things that would otherwise be missed

http://www.iobit.com/en/driver-booster.php its freeware BTW

disable any shadows as a base to start tweaking system settings and start PD at 1.4 with your system it should give 45 - 90 FPS


Are you using an SSD?

i5 8600k@5.2Ghz, Asus Prime A Z370, 32Gb DDR4 3000, GTX1080 SC, Oculus Rift CV1, Modded TM Warthog Modded X52 Collective, Jetseat, W10 Pro 64


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If you’ve been checking out the forum for info you know that it’s not cut and dry where DCS is concerned, it all depends on the area you fly in, what map you’re using, what aircraft you fly, what settings etc, etc.

In 1.5 for instance I fly from Beslan or mozdok and add targets and other friendly units wisely, I always fly on a clear day, build my own missions (I don’t fly pre-set missions) and keep away from areas built up around the black sea like Batumi and Kobulet for instance (these areas are the worst for me). This may seem boring but with some careful planning I get some jaw dropping experiences.

With your spec you should get the same, if you’re expecting to fly from anywhere on the map with lots going on then that’s not going to happen in VR, not in my experience anyways.

You could be having problems with drivers, for example I use 369.05 NVidia drivers they're the best for me at the moment, other up to date drivers give me lots of grief, windows updates also cause problems. I don’t worry about FPS just whether I get a smooth performance, I have most settings to high, I have flat shadows only and HDR off, pixel density 1.

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Also, there was an issue with 1080P's (I'm assuming it's Pascal related) driver at one point. So I would make sure the drivers are up to date.


HW Spec in Spoiler



i7-10700K Direct-To-Die/OC'ed to 5.1GHz, MSI Z490 MB, 32GB DDR4 3200MHz, EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3, NVMe+SSD, Win 10 x64 Pro, MFG, Warthog, TM MFDs, Komodo Huey set, Rverbe G1


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