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Heating and DC Isolator

Baz JJ

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Looking through some UK test reports (Report 46 RAF Duxford AFDU) dated April 1942, reference is made to heating: Item 11.




Having flown the P51D I'm aware that the Mustang has heating and have always believed from reading pilot reports that both the Spit and Hurricane were unheated and cold at altitude.


Should the DCS Spitfire IX therefore have heating controls to maintain realism of modelling ?


Some variants of Spit had a remote contactor to allow battery isolation. The modelled IX doesn't and I presume this was copied from the source aircraft.

How did the ground crew isolate the battery. If the aircraft were out at dispersal, it would have been very easy for one item to have been left on and for the battery in the fuselage to go flat, so I presume there must be a switch even if it's not in the cockpit on this particular warbird ?

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