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Driver crash


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I have had two driver crashes this week.

1st was A10 Georgian Foothills that I changed to night 2:00. It happened while using NVGs

2nd was Russian Foothills that I added in the weather cloud density to 9 and thunderstorms. When lighting flashed in front of me crash.

Im running 17.1.1 radeon. I have had no problems with stock missions. Any suggestions on what to look for.



=&arrFilter_pf[gameversion]=&arrFilter_pf[filelang]=&arrFilter_pf[aircraft]=&arrFilter_CREATED_USER_NAME=chardly38&set_filter=Filter&set_filter=Y"]MY SKINS And Helios


i7 2600k 3.4 quad w/ Hyper N520 cpu fan_, Asus Sabertooth z77_, RX 580_, Corsair Vengeance 1800 8Gb ram_, 112 OCZ Vertex 3_, Corsair HX 1000, 3 screens res 5292x1050_,and 1 1680x1050 Helios Ir Tracker 5 with Pro Clip_,Hotas Warthog#12167 ...

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