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Indeed, where is the FFB? Kinda surprised by the lack of it, MiG-21 came with FFB on release (as did all other modules except maybe two?), so I expected nothing less from LNS this time.


Honestly, it quite ruined my first experience with this (otherwise very well made) aircraft. I can do wihtout working mirrors and other smaller things (that's whi they call it early acces, after all), but for us FFB users, this is pretty much game breaking bug.


SimFFB it is for the time being, I guess. But I must admit, I don't like this solution. Not only it doesn't seem to be actively developed anymore, it's an external program and any DCS update can potentially stop these two from working together, and also it's only one-way switch, meaning if you turn it on to fly the Viggen and then want to fly anything other with default FFB, you have no choice other than restarting entire DCS:W.


Kinda ashamed that my very first post after release is a complaint, so let me say I really like what LNS did on this bird, it's a true work of art and I am sure it will bring me months and months of enjoyment. But this issue really sucks, so I hope it will get adressed very soon.


Good luck LNS team and may the bugs be easy to squash! :)

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FFB is definitely missing !

I can't enjoy flying in DCS without it...


There's a poll atm "Do you use a FFB Stick ?"




...and there are more people, who use a FFB Stick than people without a FFB stick !

So please, developers : Give us ForceFeeedback


...and i haven't seen it on your "to-do-list", which makes me really sad...


I would also like to enjoy flying the Viggen with my FFB stick, just like so many others.:mad:

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I just looked at the poll you linked (didn't even know about this thread before) and, including myself now, there were totally 86 people voting. Hardly a representative sample to say "there are more people, who use a FFB Stick than people without a FFB stick". I would simply say that most people with non-FFB stick didn't vote, or simply didn't even know that this thread existed, just like me. A quick glance at the gaming hardware market should give you a hint - how many types of FFB sticks are produced? And how many of non-FFB ones?


And I am sure that LNS will add FFB support in due time - after all, they have it in MiG-21 and they even addet it into the "known issues" list. If they didn't plan to change it, it wouldn't be issue for them then, would it?


Only thing I hope for is that it comes as soon as possible!

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As there isn't even a stick currently on the market that supports FFB, the sweeping statement that most people use it is to say the least surprising, and completely inaccurate.


I can understand your desire for this with the release, but please, let's try and keep the argument within the bounds of reality.


I'm sure it is a feature that will arrive before the product goes to the release version, and in Beta, to expect no feature gaps is understandable, but I am afraid, rather ambitious to say the least.

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OK, maybe i acted a little "over entusiastic" with saying "there are more people, who use a FFB Stick than people without a FFB stick". But just look how many users are taking part, who have this old but legendary MSFFB2...wow...

...and i also read (too late, sry) that it is a known issue, that FFB doesn't work in the current beta-version. So, LN is going to fix that...(i hope...soon)



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Did I miss something? G940 here and it certainly isn't working, let alone great. All I am getting is the default fake centering spring effect that is not even close to the cheapest joystick with real spring.


As I understand it (though I never owned the former), the difference between MSFFB and G940 is that when no FFB commands are detected from the game, MSFFB simply goes limp, while G940 keeps its centering force as set in the control panel. But it still doesn't make the FFB "work". There are no trim effect, no vibrations, no changes in stick forces or anything.



Oh and Nick, thank you much for the heads up! Looking forward to see the changes make their way to DCS soon!

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I hope they will get trimming with FFB correct this time, it is still all wrong with the MiG-21.


This salute.png


At least, finally they have it confirmed and assigned to fix it eventually, even though it's low priority. I've been reporting it since the 21's release over and over fluttershysad.png


But I feel we might get it right this time and fixed in the 21 as well pinkiepieexcited.png


Hey, the FFB was added to the Viggen, but it was done 'blind'. Meaning, we don't have a FFB stick (any of us) unfortunately. We'll get this fixed ASAP though!


You don't? applejackshocked.png


I always thought someone in your team had one aj-hm.png


At least you do your best to implement it anyway and except for the double trim issue, it's perfectly fine in the MiG-21 twilightsmile.png



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