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Looking for realistic multiplayer Server F5E Tiger II

flywaldair (Skynet dev.)

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Hi Guys,


I got in to DCS a month ago after a 20 year pause in simulations. A lot of things have changed! For example the internet can now be used perfectly for multiplayer games :smilewink:


I tried the Tiger vs Fishbed server. The multiplayer aspect is great, however there seems to be almost no coordination between players. It's mostly random action by single pilots.


Does anyone know of a server where there are other players willing to coordinate via teamspeak, fly in formation, plan attacks, follow procedures?


I fly in real life and one thing I am missing in my current multiplayer experience is the structure given by ATC :smartass:


Im in Central Europe so a server located in that timezone would be greatly appreciated.

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You're going to struggle finding what you want without buddying up or joining some sort of squadron.

Try Open Conflict server and TS, there are some regulars there that co-ordinate from time to time within a well made mission.

Also Buddy spike server Blue Flag can give you what you wish for, when round 10 eventually kicks off there are plenty of people on comms for you to get to know better.

But for the most part you'll find a lot of it casual.

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