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To whom it mat concern


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First off, let me apologize to the PolyChop Team for my fellow humans who have in the past turned this, My favorite sub-forum, toxic.


This has been brewing in my gut for quite some time and I feel the need to get it out.


It appears to me that as a result of this behavior, the admin's instituted the new thread deletion policy for the forums.


I applaud and welcome this improvement.


I used to frequent this sub forum daily, contributing and sharing with other members.


Since the "other" humans started their crusade, I began to wander away.


This made me sad.


Now the forum seems so much quieter.


The devs, who always were present, have mostly stopped posting.


I miss them!


I miss the camaraderie that existed when the Gazelle was new.


I miss the excitement!


I miss the fun.




On behalf of the members who always contribute in a positive way, helping others when possible, and adding

constructive analysis and criticism,


If you are one of the humans who has contributed to this atmosphere,




I want my forum back! @@#$# it.





"Yeah, and though I work in the valley of Death, I will fear no Evil. For where there is one, there is always three. I preparest my aircraft to receive the Iron that will be delivered in the presence of my enemies. Thy ALCM and JDAM they comfort me. Power was given unto the aircrew to make peace upon the world by way of the sword. And when the call went out, Behold the "Sword of Stealth". And his name was Death. And Hell followed him. For the day of wrath has come and no mercy shall be given."

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Yep life is too short to bicker and squabble over really somewhat trivial things, I have seen many people driven off the forums who were at some point offering help with the Gazelle for the inquisitive and I have only been on the forum and flying DCS for for less then a year!


I could be wrong, I found the Gazelle challenging at first so any help was welcome you Hawkeye and others gave that assistance and encouragement, now I have the same that smile that I had with the Huey well worth it and thank you. :thumbup:

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Gazelle Mini-gun version is endorphins with rotors. See above.


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It does surprise me that there are many passionate fight simmers that like to jump on the negative bandwagon.


The Gazelle is one of the best helicopter simulations on the sim market by a longgggg way, the only other helicopters at the top of the sim market in systems and FM's are ED’s and Belsimtek’s.


Can anyone name another that would come even close to match their systems and FM performance charts outside of DCS?


The only way the FM can be fully tested anyway as far as I’m concerned is to have a IRL Gazelle pilot fly with full size cyclic controls, VR and a 6 dof motion platform, so he can have as close to the full feel as he can like IRL, I wish I had all of these but the misses would kill me lol. See with our small controls and seeing we have never flow a Gazelle we would never know, even to a IRL Gazelle pilot it would not seem right, even if it was mathematically correct on paper.


Is the Gazelle 100% accurate? I dare say no, It’s is as far as I can tell extremely close and one of the best helicopter simulations there is. If the systems and flight model was dumb down I would move on, well there not dumbed down, so I enjoy learning all the systems and practicing throwing the flight model we have around.


If you want 100% realism, you have to go out and fly the real aircraft. Even then, no two air-frames of the same type will perform exactly the same and I bet there isn't a single aircraft out there that perfectly matches published figures. Every individual aircraft will have small quirks in one form or another.


Level D sims don't feel the same as the real aircraft (close, but certainly not 100%). And here we are, expecting a $50 desktop entertainment sim to perfectly match all parameters of a particular aircraft perfectly. Some people need to take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture. The level of simulation we have at our fingertips is amazing.


Thanks Polychop Team


Looking forward to the BO-105

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I second Davic OC´s post. As RL fixed wing pilot I can tell you that definitely even aircraft of the same type with the "same engine" mounted, same weight and configuration behave different in flight and especially in slow conditions or while landing. There´s always a margin within these "identical" aircraft behave according to the book. You have to take the numbers given as a "recommendation". I am talking of light aircraft.


And please don´t start the FM discussion....PC is to my opinion well aware of the things to be tuned. Patience and compliance is the secret. But overall the GAZ is a wonderful addition to DCS....thanks Polychop.


At some point I posted that a couple of issues users experience do not occur on my system (HOTAS set, no extension). My guess: every setup is different as well (i.e. how your specific joystick "behaves" or your throttle/collective). But I got burned for that statement.


If you join MP sessions you´ll find a LOT of people flying FC3 aircraft (F15, Mig29/27, SU33. And they have FUN, not complaining too much of the FM implemented there. And their FM is way off from reality.


I am a "realism junkey" but as for a desktop sim I am fully satisfied with the status of the chopper we have right now...which does not mean that there´s no room for improvement.


I am 48 yrs now and decades into different flight sims. I know well the times we even could not imagine what is nowadays possible on a home pc for a couple of hundreds of bucks. And we had fun back there as well.


Thanks HAWKEY60.....you are so right.


So let´s fire up DCS and have FUN guys....


And yes....eagerly awaiting the BO105 as it is my favourite helicopter in real life (had once the chance to fly it with a test pilot). I talked to many former german army pilots working with the PAH...now they are flying rescue choppers (EC135/145) for a private company...and if they could....they would go back to the BO (responsivness of controls, power, speed...). And guess what: once the BO is out people will complain that it does not behave like the Gazelle or the Huey...

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