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DCS world 1.5.6 update


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Yes, you are probably trying to update the release version. The update is only available in the Beta branch.


You can see how to deal with it in the Viggen release thread where there is a long long long debate about it, interspersed with some good advice on how to make a release version into a beta version.


You'll be able to swap it back to a release version when the next update comes out in all probability.

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Hi, guys!


When i try to update DCS world 1.5.5 which i have now to DCS world 1.5.6, I get the message saying the DCS world is updated to 1.5.5. Any solution to this? Thanks!




You need to add this to your DCS shortcut on desktop


If you want to get back to release, change it to @release, let it update and delete extra commands.

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this does not work for me

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Hi All,

just wanted to say that I Figured out how to use the updater to update the stable version to the beta, and I'm glad I did! the DOs prompt was the easiest way for me. Thank you for the tutorial Skatezilla, I'm not the most computer savvy person, but you explained it so even I could do it. frame rates seem better now and the Viggen is awesome, I'm doing the training missions now wow gonna take some time to learn it. The comparisons to A-10 are true and its only going to get better as time goes by. The beta seems to load a little slower but works better once it does, and it's not that much longer. anyone that pre-ordered Viggen but is not sure should think about switching to the beta, I don't think I will go back to stable. we will see.


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