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5 Sqn SAAF P-51D Italy 1945/2 Sqn Korea


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Hi all,


I had started a set of WW2 P-51D skins based on several hours of research of 5 Sqn SAAF, which operated the Mustang over Italy during the later part of the war.


I had a lot of trouble with the specular files, mostly cause I didnt fully understand how to work them properly, as well as the bort system in the .lua files. And then last week, I was tinkering with the skin and it started to come right.. so here we go!


They will be released in a set of 4, each aircraft with its correct serial code, and squadron code. I have a camo P-51D in the works as well.


Anyways, coming soon



I have also been working on a generic Korean SAAF skin, with no serial codes as of yet. I will be adding in aircraft names and squadron aircraft numbers, with correct spinners, as well as the 2 Sqn Cheetah badge shortly.



FC3, UH-1, P-51D, Mi-8, A-10C, F-86F, FW 190D9, KA-50, Gazelle, Mig 21, M-2000C, F-5E, Spitfire IX, A/V-8B, F/A-18C, F-14, FW 190A8, F-16C, P-47D



NTTR, Normandy, Persian Gulf



Virpil: Warbrd, Alpha-R, Mongoose CM-2 throttle, Warbrd rudder

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Head for lockonfiles site and You'll find quite a few awesome non-USAAF liveries over there, including one Korean SAAF. I don't think there are any WWII SAAF ones, though, so Fearsome's will come in handy.

i7 9700K @ stock speed, single GTX1070, 32 gigs of RAM, TH Warthog, MFG Crosswind, Win10.

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