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Cockpit: trigger safety and rotary switches behaviour


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-Flight stick Trigger safety bracket:

If you click on stick safety switch with mouse the highlight position stays where the stick was at that moment. After clicking again highlight position goes back to actual stick position. So if your stick was all the way to the left for example when you clicked the switch the highlight stays on the left even after stick is returned to central position.


-Cockpit rotary switches:

Rotatable knobs like flood and instrument lights (BELYSNING) and windscreen de-ice roll over min-max knob values. After reaching 100% brightness for example it drops to 0% and starts over while you can roll the knob eternally.

This happens in other modules too (at least Hawk) so I'm not sure if it's really Viggen related...


-Autopilot yaw trim(RENFLYGN) and Magnetic declination correct(KURRSKOR) knob animations don't seem to be visible...



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