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Preliminary changelog - 1.5.6 Hotfix!


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Hi Everyone,


Thank you all so much for your kind words and sharing your thoughts with us on the Viggen. We're working really hard to make sure that there is a stable progression in the module and that the road out of Early Access is as smooth as possible. :)


This will be crossposted to the main changelog thread as well.


The preliminary changelog for the first update to 1.5.6 (whenever it may be) will be as follows:


  • Increased wet thrust IR signature

  • Corrected nosewheel steering sensitivity

  • Corrected canopy handle locking

  • Corrected game crash when altimetre set to 0

  • Fixed RB-15 Fast mode not engaging search mode until 25km into flight (now begins searching almost immediately)

  • Adjusted SPAK and nosewheel coordination

  • Radar no longer triggers RWR in passive mode

  • Rewrote RB-15 launch inhibit code

  • Removed some debug traces

  • Added airframe overstress damage (WIP)

  • Fixed CK running without electricity

  • Fixed flickering HUD on startup

  • Fixed AKAN imagery

  • Fixed some protruding cockpit objects beyond fuselage

  • Fixed flipped faces on ejection seat

  • Corrected Product Description

  • Added missing UI imagery

  • Updated default Guard frequency

  • Added Flight manual to /Docs/ folder in /Mods/AJS37

  • Changed TILS-landing phase 2 to phase 3 switch so the airplane must be pointed towards the airfield to lessen the likelihood of skipping phase 2.

  • Added temporary hackfix for cockpit shadows, fixes some of the most egregious until engine update

  • Corrected DemoMods description

  • Added missing 36x36 px icon

  • Fixed typo in tankbusting mission

  • Radar cross is now rendered in the shader, and properly corresponds to fix location

  • Added several new singleplayer missions courtesy of Wags, Graywo1f and Grimes! Thank you!

  • Fixed twist-stick rudder issue

  • Fixed QFE setting and player status in CCIP bombing tutorial.

  • Fixed errant shadow on texture under gear lever

  • Fixed issue with mapping data panel digit keys.

  • Fixed external tank jettison pushbutton.

  • Fixed canopy jettison issue

  • Fixed night lighting texture alignment on right side panels (ENKEL, Impulse, etc.)

  • Engine overspeed damage implemented

  • Added high pressure shut-off option for HOTAS throttles

  • Corrected fourth BK90 not launching.

  • Corrected distanceline not showing when approaching target from east (as shown in xxJohnxx’s video)




We're working hard on a lot of other issues; and we've already fixed some, but we'll let you know of that changelist in time for the move to stable!


Thank you!



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Nicholas Dackard


Founder & Lead Artist

Heatblur Simulations



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Excellent, thank you for fixing the yaw instability on take-off! It makes life interesting, I usually work through it by rotating quickly to minimize that transitional phase. But today I managed to compressor stall on take-off followed by the inevitable outcome. Not too pretty, but I was quite impressed by the thorough engine modeling! :)



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What i hope for is a change in the mirrored textures, on the rwr pod on stbd wing... sad to see the text there on the "fara" stencil. (So dangerous that it has to be entirely Araf!)


i7 9700K, Asus Z390 Prime A, Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti STRIX ROG, Fractal Design Define R6, Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, MFG Crosswind, Oculus Rift S. 32 GB 3200 MHz RAM

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Good news!

PC: i7 9700K, 32 GB RAM, RTX 2080 SUPER, Tir 5, Hotas Warthog Throttle, VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base with VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip, VKB-SIM T-RUDDER PEDALS MK.IV. Modules : NEVADA, F-5E, M-2000C, BF-109K4, A-10C, FC3, P-51D, MIG-21BIS, MI-8MTV2, F-86F, FW-190D9, UH-1H, L-39, MIG-15BIS, AJS37, SPITFIRE-MKIX, AV8BNA, PERSIAN GULF, F/A-18C HORNET, YAK-52, KA-50, F-14,SA342, C-101, F-16, JF-17, Supercarrier,I-16,MIG-19P, P-47D,A-10C_II

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Awesome Work! Outstanding module! I'm happy flying the Viggen :)

Intel i7-12700K @ 8x5GHz+4x3.8GHz + 32 GB DDR5 RAM + Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 (8 GB VRAM) + M.2 SSD + Windows 10 64Bit


DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!


Tornado3 small.jpg

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Great work! My biggest request as a VR user is the ep-13 sight to work properly with Vr :)


I second this :) Tried flying in non-VR to test the EP-13 and it is so hard compared to VR now.

I can never go back lol.


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I second this :) Tried flying in non-VR to test the EP-13 and it is so hard compared to VR now.

I can never go back lol.


What exactly is the problem with the EP-13 in VR? I've been messing with it and it is usable, just wondering what is broken and how it may change when fixed.

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