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Quick Viggen weapon chart


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Hey folks,


NOTICE: The document is also at the following path in your DCS installation: "DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\AJS37\Doc"


since the sometimes hard learning curve of the viggen and its weapon deployment, I made a reference guide for all the needed systems and the correct use of it.

It's not that detailed, but I hope this guide helps you as it does for me.

If there's something incorrect or missing just tell me:



OLD link could be still active: (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_W-RzssYVK1VUZ4S3RaQ3BYaGM)





Update 1.1: changed some lines and provided a new link

Update 1.2: added weapon range and weapon compability

Update 1.3: Fixed codes for ARAK long range & LysBombs. Thanks to funkyfranky

Update 1.4: New Google link provided

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Thanks sacksahne!


Much appreciated, welcome to the forum.

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Good work, thanks!

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That file isn’t here any more

Someone might have deleted the file or disabled the link.



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Link 404 inactive?


Same here. Link seems broken now.


I would like to check this out but getting a 404 error from the link in the first post.




That file isn’t here any more

Someone might have deleted the file or disabled the link.





Should be working again now. Dropbox doesn't seem to like changes in the file while sharing them. I'll update this guide manually for now.

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