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I think that something is wrong


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Thanks guys i'll look into this carefully. I watched it about a half a dozen times and I'm not fully convinced it is wrong just yet but need to analyze and recreate myself with more detail. At such low speeds and extreme AOA your controls are extremely inneffective, however the tail slipping from under you I am not entirely sure it should do what it is doing.


Would you happen to have a track to share?

"Witness mere F-14s taking off from adjacent flight decks, gracefully canting left and right, afterburners flaming, and there’s something that sweeps you away—or at least it does me. And no amount of knowledge of the potential abuses of carrier task forces can affect the depth of that feeling. It simply speaks to another part of me. It doesn’t want recriminations or politics. It just wants to fly.”

― Carl Sagan

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