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What version to download......


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The open beta for 1.5 is just used as a testbed for 1.5, so whenever there is an update to the beta it will be released on the stable soon after, depending on how fast they can fix the encountered bugs.

Content wise the difference is not significant, except when a new airplane is realeased along a new beta branch (like we have right now with the Viggen).


So if you want the newest, shiniest toys, go beta, but if you have the patience to wait a few weeks until the bugs get sorted, and prefer a less broken sim stay on stable.


"DCS World is the main public build, it has nothing to do with being stable" -Bignewy

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heres the easy way to do it

run openbeta, and then unless it's release patch for a new airplane that you want to fly right away, just decline updating unless it's a stable update. check in with your favorite servers to see what version they're running and stick with that.


there is no difference between openbeta and stable clients, openbeta is just on the mailinglist for experimental patches.

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