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F-15 Combat guide


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Hey everyone,



My complete guide is now published as an article on mudspike




Want a PDF? Find it here.




German translation by Linol_Germany




The original Mudspike thread with discussion



Edited by Sryan

Check my F-15C guide

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I'm glad that you've been able to improve and finish this guide, I read it some months ago, and found it very useful and clear.


Thanks a lot for providing a PDF version, I keep this kind of guides near my PC using an old iPad 1 with the GoodReader App ... about the only useful job that such an old iPad can still perform :)


Best regards.


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Thanks for this!


I've worked backwards over the years playing DCS, first learning the clickable cockpit aircraft.


I'm finding it much more challenging to learn the ins and outs of the F-15 than the A-10C because I can't just click on what I want to manipulate in the cockpit :P


Strange problem to have I guess but this guide's a huge help. Thanks again!

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Youtuber Jabbers created a nice video on notching, applicable to all planes, partially based on some of the contents in my guide. Go have a look!





Also, big thanks for the kind words and passing my guide around here in the thread, on the ED forums, on Mudspike and on Hoggit! Many thanks.

Check my F-15C guide

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