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[UH-1H] French Touch Teaser

Eight Ball

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Thanks MadDog.


And BTW, thanks a lot for patching all the campaigns :thumbsup:


Nice of you to notice, many man hours invested in mission editing an testing as you would know.


Felt some one had to do it to bring the core game play back for the aging Su-25T, A-10c, Ka-50 modules in particular. This work is slowly filtering into the game itself, but I posted them on the User files sight for those that want them early or don't have the English version of DCSW (as has been requested by forum users with russian and other versions).


Cheers, Ian.

Asus p877v-pro, Intel I7 3770k 4.2ghz, 32gb Ripjaw X ram, Nvidia RTX-2070 Super, Samsung 32" TV, Saitek x52 pro Joystick and Combat rudder pedals, TrackIR 5, Win8.1 x64 with SSD and SSHD protected by (Avast AV).


DCS Tech Support.

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