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Server not showing in list and can't connect through direct IP

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Hi all,


In the past i was able to run a dedicated server. After not playing DCS for 5 months and an update from 1.5.4. to 1.5.5 am not able to list nor connect my server anymore these days.




Ziggo Horizon router

dcs 1.5.5 on windows 10

firewall is off

port 10308 is open

local server ip is set to static in router


I can connect to both apps through local ip but not through internet.


It seems more people are having this issue ...any ideas how to solve this ?




Called the provider and they are sending a separate modem


regards Ian

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I managed to work backwards through the issue and it turned out that my router assigned a different IP to the server computer- keep thinking I'll just set it to static but they don't change that often. When that computer has its address changed obviously your ports no longer remain forwarded.


Anyway- good luck.

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