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FS: Saitek x55 HOTAS


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I bought this Saitek x55 HOTAS from a friend who had it sitting to the side, barely used if at all. Still smells of that new plastic! lol


I loved it, but my desk is just so small, it was unwieldy, and I just have no use for it being so big. So I went back to my Logitech.


Everything works perfectly, still have the original packaging and manuals (In mint condition). Everything is mint.


Willing to provide videos of all axises working to serious buyers so you know theres no issues.


$125. United States only (unless you want to pay me to ship it outside the US, then that can be arranged).



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I live in Ontario County but work in Seneca County. So im about 6 hours away. Funny, my companies headquarters is in Westchester County... Too bad I can't ship it there Inter-office and have you pick it up there LOL


My username for DCS? I think its gregonet31.... I'll have to check Steam and such when I get home.

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oh, and ill grab pics when I get home as well. sorry, forgot to mention that part.


Sounds good, I just meant when you take the photos, if you could include a piece of paper with your username and date on it in the background. Just an old habit I learned when dealing with online transactions.





Come check me out on



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