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Using guns makes serious rolling


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Just guessing...weight imbalance after firing the rounds?

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stick centered?



and yes, firing the gun causes an imbalance and since it's a bit offset from center, it will create a slight roll when firing and when there's no ammo left



no wind no stick issue its shame mig 21 has no trim i guess i never be able to use guns again on this plane

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why not? they don't create too much roll though...


I mean, it can be worse, if you ever fired a groom, you know what i mean...


also if you can't fly the plane with that little amount of roll, you will never be able to do air sorties or some limited ground sorties anymore...

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im having this problem long time ago also i had a topic for this but i couldnt found i really tired of this problem using guns makes the plane serious rolling some people says they dont having this only i am what is the problem ?

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