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Cockpit vibration rate slider stuck


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Description: in main menue settings of 1.5 beta and 2.0 alpha the cockpit vibration rate can not be modified by user as the slider is stuck

DCS Version: latest 1.5.6 beta and 2.0 alpha up to date 4 Feb 2017

Steam: n/a

Map: both Nevada and Caucasus

SP/MP: both as it is related to main menue settings

Reproducible: yes

Step to Reproduce: try to move the slider, it´s stuck at a given position

Screenshot/Video available: n/a

Track Available: n/a

Mission File:n/a

Controllers: see below


RAM: see below

GPU: see below

Mods: on or off does not matter, mangaged by JSGME

Any Additional Information: seems to be present for a while; did an extensive forum search with the search function but no report/match found. Hopefully I did not miss anything

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]my rig specs: i7-4790K CPU 4.50GHz, 32GB RAM, 64bit WIN10, NVidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti, SSD+


A10C, UH-1H, M2C, F5E, Gazelle, KA 50, F18C, DCS 2.5x OB

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