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Module for large body type aircraft ? Campaign uses (excuses)


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I would just like to put this down so the rest of the community, even tho it's just a early draft.


I read some other ideas and I came up with this hybrid idea. My initial idea was about EMERCOM, but that's completely non-combat so ED may not think it fits for it's own module.


I think this EMERCOM thing could be part of a larger Module of several planes, including awacs, tankers, and cargo planes.


These planes don't need to have professional support, they could all be FC3 level (AFM), AWACS may not need to be that supported since it's not that kind of usable, but tankers and cargo planes could be useful for some missions, certainly in future with a certain mode in dynamic campaign.


Tanker scenario: Your A-10C was shot down and you have crash landed within the vicinty of an abandoned enemy airfield, you find an slightly damaged hangar with an Tanker inside, half full with fuel, the main forces are busy fighting the enemy elsewhere or the AA in the area is too strong currently (the friendlies didn't take out radars yet for example) and the only way to escape fast is to hijack this Tanker, the AA think's it's one of their own and doesn't fire, you roam around to find the direction back to , you have to fiddle with the radio to get on friendly frequency to report your situation, or you may have to fly for some time to get to them to relay comms to HQ, other guys ask you for a quick reeful they're in emergency, so you have to make a detour for them before you head back to forward airbase , the difficulty of the mission would be in the efficient fuel spending, because it would be limited, if you didn't do as good you would run out of fuel before reaching base forcing you to employ gliding and hopefully do a critical landing, a higher difficulty setting would ensure that no proper landing is possible and that in any case you would run out of fuel while in air.



Cargo scenario: you would have to deliver some key supplies for a forward airfield that taken damage, ammo maybe too.

"Commander we ran out of ammo our AA guns defending the airfield are sitting ducks, the cargo pilot is MIA, there's nobody else that can get here in time, you have to take over yourself asap!"

- transporting AA, tanks, etc, deploying paradrops yeez, all kinds of combat uses





And then with these wide-body aircraft, but still combat use, this could be a good way to get civilian-type aircraft into DCS for those who would also wish to try out this kind of experience along with others. The Ilyushin firefighting airplane which is part of EMERCOM could be squeezed in too, and in combat campaign there could be some use if a fire breaks out in a key city that has to be defended, the fire also endangering a local command post and a forward supply storage area for the troops defending this sector.


"Commander the fire is starting to reach the edges of the city, and the enemy has taken out our communications (radar relay tower damaged wreck on ground) you have to fly back (with the fastest plane preferably) to the main base and signal for Ilyushin reinforcements"


The trick is to contact the HQ as you get in comm range with the main base air tower, so the reinforcements would get prepared and sent before you land for refueling, as you land, you get a comm message that one of the Ilyushin aircraft has taken birdstrike damage and has to land, it lands approximately some time after you land, but remains on the runway, because the pilot suffered a medical emergency, you are tasked to take over the Ilyushin in an emergency, repair it and join back with the squadron, and they become your wingmen, and you're off to the fire area, now try to imagine 5 Ilyushins dropping that awesome loads of water. I'm like a dog that hasn't eaten for a week right now.


The difficulty of the mission would be a bit speed, but partially also some enemy avoidance, as well as some flight skills testing when loading water up, there could be sometime to reach the water area and in that flightpath you would need to take detours to avoid, an AWACS would be warning you on enemy positions, but the awacs only arrived moments later you start dropping water for the first time, the awacs must not be there before otherwise it breaks the "no-comms" at the beginning.


There's one little technical problem, most of the video game industry doesn't do actual real-time fluid physics yet for commerical games, let alone DCS, but it's not like it's a sea ship game, that mist of water in the air can be a more modified and enhanced version of fog falling down.


More on EMERCOM specific stuff:

You don't really have to simulate a real fire, some fire effects and some smoke, with a small wiremesh that has health, a lot of cells, and the water droplets are like small bombs falling on invisible structures (cells), as the little cell is destroyed, the fire/smoke effect underneath it would be disabled/killed, that shouldn't be too much for the engine, or the first release.


Civilian Traffic feature can be used for ground firefighting stuff, fire machines with blue lights blinking a bit, spraying some mist, nothing too fancy just to give the illusion of some activity on ground, if it's all AI and scripted it's not that hard to do.









This module could also give another civilian-type feeling to it for those fans. These larger planes have the ability to glide and if their engines get damaged, they have more of ability to survive, those could be some of cinematic moments of trying to land a damaged airplane, many times shown in movies, and real life.


You could attempt to fly the Cactus 1549 gliding and then emergency landing into water.




Yes other simulators exist that would do the flying better, but they don't have such 3D and Damage Effects capabilities, at least I didn't seen them, doesn't MS Flight Simulator just display a message "you crashed" when you touch ground improperly?

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