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DCS 2 - No Kneeboard map Nevada Mig-21


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Goodmorning everyone.

I just installed DCS 2 Open Alfa latest version currently available.

I can not display the map on the Kneeboard, I can see all other information but the map no. This only happens with the Mig-21.

Someone can help me please? Thank you




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Any comment on when this bug will be addressed? It's been a long time since the original post and is happening in 2.5 too.

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Same here, I get that ED likes to package all fixes and updates to coincide with other major changes to the game such as module releases or major updates but this really seems to slow down the rate of hot fixes and maintenance that all 3rd party modules need.


Either this is the reason for the very very slow rate of bug fixes or there is something more worrying going on at Leatherneck

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