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1.5.5 missing after 2.0.4 installed - advice please!


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Installed 2.0.4 yesterday. NTTR perfect and UH-1H and Mi-8 available for flying. But my 1.5.5 install is no longer executable.

Have looked at folders and found that all 1.5.5 folders are still there - but not in the main ...Eagle Dynamics\DCS World where 2.0.4 is now installed. Instead, the 1.5.5 folders are in a separate folder (the "DCS_updater_64bit.exe" folder) - not sure why, but it's likely my error. Only the "bin" folder is missing, so when I try the old run.exe 'start up' nothing happens.

Not sure whether the 1.5.5 can be revived by downloading the missing bin folder (and any others) - perhaps I can use the Repair function to help with this?

Or should I cut my losses and download 1.5.5 from scratch after uninstalling any/all of the old 1.5.5 folders.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Cheers - Dai. 8)

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You should not have install v2.x in the same folder. You will probably be best off by wiping all of it and reinstalling both into the default folders, which are completely separate.

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Were you using Skate's updater utility?


Either way, what you've done as cichlidfan has pointed out, is overwritten your main DCS with the alpha.


Wipe them, then install them using the seperate executables. They'll end up in different dirs, eg:

Release: /EagleDynamics/DCS World/

Beta (1.5.6): /EagleDynamics/DCS World OpenBeta/

Alpha (2.0.5): /EagleDynamics/DCS World OpenAlpha/

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