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DCS Crash during final approach when I turn the "Master Mod"


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This afternoon after an training flight, my Viggen was in final approach with gear down and "TILS Mod" ON.

When I'm at few meters above the threshold I push forward my throttle, afterburner + 3 stages, gear up. My Viggen take the air, I move the rotary switch of "Master Mod" from "LANDNING NAV" to "NAV" and at this moment my DCS crash.


Is it one bug from this rotary swicth ?


Here my log files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/29p4086xpbb79ag/AABWR4nkH-ESJt8ARdmGqlGaa?dl=0


I hope that this feedback would help you, thanks again for this incredible module.

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