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BK90 Still left on rail post launch


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Just ran the Mozdok mission after seeing the fix for the "fourth" BK90 not being released was fixed.


I just ran the Mozdok mission with 2 x BK90 and only one launched. Weapon params were set to launch both.


Sorry, I didn't save the track. I just looked for it.


My loadout was 2 x bk90 and 2 x KB countermeasures dispenser pod. KB set to auto release.


BK90 were set to 921000, no altitude setting.



****Thank you for the Viggen, it's a hell of a lot of fun.

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Is the Bk90 cluster bomb working in multiplayer now?



Sorry, I forgot to add this in this thread (i did in the hoggit changelog)


Those two fixes didn't make it in, even though I listed them. They were in the build we made the day after this one. Sorry!


Known that the fix didn't make it in. The last two items on the change log didn't make it in.


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