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F-5 Tiger II


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Hi....i am a big fun of the F-5 Tiger II and i know it is a recent jet in DCS....what i would like to know is if the F-5 can fly swifly as a Su25T or a F-15...from the time a flown the F-5 it just doesnt flown right.....it just goes up....or when applyied less power it comes down in altitude i think the way a jet fliyes should be the first situation a 3rd party could take care of.

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When starting on runway or hot start it always seems to be trimmed up to much. Unlike most planes where a few clicks of trim levels it out with F5 you need to hold trim down for a few seconds until you feel nose dipping down.


The nose gear on the F-5 has two height positions. When the F-5 is started on the runway, the nose gear strut is lengthened which adds 3 degrees of pitch up attitude. This increases the angle of attack and helps to shorten the takeoff run. There is a switch in the cockpit to the left of the throttle that will engage/disengage the nose gear strut.


Also, when starting out on the runway, the F-5 trim is set for takeoff which I believe is around 5 or 6 degrees up but it depends on your takeoff weight.

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