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Hud editing options


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Hi guys,


I'm using a rift dk2 in game. And it's amazing. Only, dk2 doesnt have positional tracking. Which means i can look right-left, up-down, and rotate my head but can't lean around the cockpit. So i gotta use "move camera fwd, back" buttons to increase my fov at the expense of leaving valuable information on hud out of vision. what i mean is, if i set the camera position to see the waypoint information or directional information at the bottom of the hud, i cannot see my mfd's. And vice versa.


since there is no vr zoom out function yet, i want to move every single information line displayed on hud a little closer to center.


ive searched and found the lines to edit in some lua files for waypoint information row but cant find others.


can you gents help a new sim enthusiast by explaining which lua lines to edit for each and every information displayed on hud?

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ehmm... well i don't really have a dk2. i have a chinese knock off called deepoon e2 actually. it's a dk2 clone. without a sensor :(


and while i quite frequently use vr zoom in function, it doesn't zoom further away from the default view. so i still need to edit those lines.


sorry for giving wrong information. was just too lazy to explain what deepoon is, and didn't actually know dk2 had a sensor.

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