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Load Waypoints In Mission


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Hi all,


I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but I think it would be cool and useful to be able to load waypoints into the data cartridge using the map. I think this would be especially useful for the Viggen in online play when there are multiple static targets to hit. Is this possible? I think it would be very useful for all aircraft. I know you can manually enter points, but this would reduce some of the time needed to set up a quick mission.



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The QFE question asked earlier today (JTAC QFE) could definitely benefit from kneeboard interaction.


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take your time and do it manually, also increases the chance that you're doing it wrong and then have to pay more attention :)


you could also do that on the way to the AO...


but sure, i'd love to see some more kneeboard-F10 map interaction


yeah, I agree. There should also be a way to type on the kneeboard to store useful information. Maybe have a kneeboard panel in the map screen as well so you could copy coords. I think this would benefit VR users the most. It is really hard to copy coords down when flying VR.

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