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Did 1.5.6 do something to make the VR blurrier?


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After upgrading to 1.5.6 I've notice that all my gauges are just a bit more screen door, just a bit blurrier, and just a bit harder to read.


Previously, I'd had my pixel density set at 1.6 and had achieved a good balance of FPS and ability to read the gauges for the type of flights I've been doing. As of today, I have to crank my pixel density slider up to 1.7 to get the same level of clarity I had at 1.6 and its still not quite as clear.


It looked like my FPS was better with 1.5.6 but I don't want to sacrifice readability for FPS as the gauges are already difficult to read without leaning way forward.

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[edit] I just noticed the date of your post. Probably not SteamVRs fault then :)[/edit]


SteamVR beta has changed the way they do supersampling. I noticed the engine instruments on the A-10 were a lot fuzzier, as well as the general cockpit switches.


I just spent a bit of time trying different combinations of in-game pixel density, AA and SteamVR Supersampling.


I ended up running the in-game pixel density at 1.0, AA off, SteamVR supersampling around 1.8-1.9 and that seems to give me decent frames (Instant action missions as a test) with readability. (i5-6600 and 1070, Vive)

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