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Download of 1.5 repeating and not completing

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Dear all,


I have trouble downloading and installing DCS World 1.5.


Running the Updater, downloads an update and after completing the download and green bar, it seems to start again from nothing - although the file sizes change. This process repeats again and again. How much should the total download size be? I have had multiple downloads >20GB according to the Updater.


This is not the first time I install DCS 1.5. I thought the last time it only took one download to work or does my memory betray me?


May the problem be connected to free disk spave? I have less than 60GB free.


Thanks for any help.

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I have now been able to install, however, DCS World is not runnig correctly:


These are my current issues:

- on a lot of objects, textures are missing

- after a couple of minutes in a mission, the system will crash and go back to windows


This is what I did to get it to at least be able to launch the system but with the above problems:

- copied all files from the "_download" folder into the main folder

- ran DCS repair - but repair broke off with the following error message during unpacking of files: "P:\dcs\DCS World\_downloads\bin/torrent_test.exe: (5) Zugriff verweigert" [i.e. access denied]. Also such a file "torrent_test.exe" does not exist in the folder.


I'd highly appreciate any help.

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