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Help choosing Anti-Virsu Program

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Hi guys,

my antivirus licence is expiring and I need to renew it. Untill now I've used Kaspersky Internet Security: I didn't have any big problem so far, except for a couple of files deleted without reason (wrongly recognised as viruses).

I've read some reviews and some opinions: some users affirm that KIS tend to slow some programs, so I was thinking to switch to Bitdefender or some other Protection suite. I need a suite with some features like Parental Advisor, Online Banking Protection, antiphishing and so on, but also a light one that doesn't slow down simulators and internet connection.


What's your experience with Protection suites ?


Thanks in advance!!

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All of them have drawbacks, just work long enough with them and intense enough and you will find their flaws.


I use Avira Professional on Desktops and Servers for customers but to be true, my last board had Kaspersky with it and I am now riding off 1y of that with this board just to get to know KAV.


My very personal POV is this: DON'T just spend tons of money, we IT guys call it the "business with FEAR as your sales Agent", I never liked that approach but it is common in IT industry.

Many Security things are advertised in a way that you can only turn away.


I, on all my Desktops, run MSE, save tons of bucks...and if a Virus hits, redo the machine !

BAckup your files onto ext. USB drives, disconnect after Backup, and dont get scared by all those ads and news.


They only want your money, your safety is a totally different matter I am afraid.


But if I had to buy and pay for one, I always buy Avira. Lately caught 45k Ransomware mails on 1 of my servers I service...not bad...not 1 got through :)


Kaspersky I run on Firewalls as integral part of the Linux driving it, very costly, good but not 100%. Avira is better in my personal experience when it comes to MAIL SECURITY.



just my 2 cents regarding making business with your FEAR !



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I have been happy with Kapersky, for home use. It can affect some programs but the solution is to exclude those programs. DCS was one of the programs it slowed down, but that problem went away years ago.


I do agree with Bit, that all of these companies use fear as a marketing tool. A good backup strategy is your best friend in these situations regardless what AV software you are using.

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What I do is Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. What you also want to do is (assuming you use firefox) run noscript and ublock origin (this is on chrome as well) and some common sense, don't go to shady sites or click things you shouldn't.


Doing the above I cannot tell you the last time I had any sort of infection. But this also depends on how computer savvy you are.


Here is a good article: https://www.howtogeek.com/225385/what%E2%80%99s-the-best-antivirus-for-windows-10-is-windows-defender-good-enough/


Although, since you did ask... here is the most recent independent real world test on all anti-virus products: https://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/avc_prot_2016b_en.pdf

F-Secure Avira, Bitdefender,Trend Micro seem to do the best.

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Malwarebytes Pro version for me, the only one ive tested that put ransomware to bed.

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Thanks a lot, guys!

I'll stick to MSE/Windows defender and eventually buy a payware AV program only if there is a good discount!


Happy fly to everyone:pilotfly:

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What I've found after years of using anti-viruses is that it causes more problems than it solves. As others have said, use what comes with Windows and stay away from shady sites and just use some common sense.




And don't open any links in mails that could be phish.

Good, fast, cheap. Choose any two.

Come let's eat grandpa!

Use punctuation, save lives!

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  • 1 year later...

Well it has been a year since the last post and Antivirus Review and I am ready to try something new. You folks have had another year to work with different Internet Security Antivirus Software. So I'm looking for an up-to-date solution.


I have been using AVG for about 27 years. 7ys AVG Free and 20ys AVG Internet Security Suite.

Last year AVG changed their GUI around completely to the point that I actually have difficulty using it (it might as well be Window 10 !!!).


BTW- I have and will continue to use Win7 64 Home. I am in no hurry to upgrade my OS until I can afford a completely new Mobo and Processor.


What do you folks think about BitDefender or PC Protect or Total AV (I believe the latter 2 are the same company and software but with different names and prices !) ?


Any recommendations ?

I need at least 4 licenses.


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Another user of MS Defender (on Windows 8.1 ... the one on Windows 10 seems to use up too much resources).


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I've used McAfee for about 10 years. I 've used Norton for about 8 years. And now I'm just use MS Defender. It seems to be good enough, and I got tired of wanting *TOTAL* control over every aspect of scanning, what not to scan, etc. At some point, I realized that the horsepower of modern computer can handle AV. So I just use common sense, and use MS Defender.



PS: I forgot, I used PC Tools for a bit as well as Prevx.


HW Spec in Spoiler



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