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Popup waypoint co-ordinates are being retained from previous mission.


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This is a double post which i originally posted in this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=180042&page=7 (post 62) but then decided later that it would be better posted in the "bugs" section so that the dev's will hopefully give it some attention.




"Have been playing around with "popup" attacks again and noticed that the computer remembers the "popup" co-ordinates from the previous mission.


I have setup a simple mission with a lone Viggen attacking an airfield, the first time i played it i used a popup profile of 290/10km and it worked perfectly with the navigation auto cycling :-


B1 -> U2 -> M2


The second time i played the same mission i didn't bother setting a popup profile and just wanted to fly straight to the target point.


So the profile should have been B1 -> M2.


After passing B1 the navigation auto cycled to M2 as expected but the pole track on the HUD indicated that it wanted me to fly to where i had set the popup waypoint from the previous mission ?? "




Out of curiosity i followed the HUD pole track indications and sure enough they took me to exactly the same spot as the popup waypoint that i had set in the previous mission. Once i had passed over this point the pole track indicator then switched to M2.


Is it correct that the computer remembers the popup co-ordinates entered from the previous mission or should the computers memory be erased at the start of every new mission ?.

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