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laser targeting with gbu bombs


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Hi everyone,


Me and some pilots that i know are experiencing some troubles to use the laser targeting with gbu guided by another aircraft like the A10.


The procedure that I use in order to drop a gbu is the same that the CCRP bombing:

1. I select the gbu in PCA

2. I choose the Inst. mode

3. I mark the area (with the magic slave button) where the bomb is supposed to touch the target

4. I ask the pilot in the A10 to lase the target.

5. When he is ready, i'm flying toward the area at ~ 400 kts, 10 000 fts

6. When the horizontal bar is reaching the diamond HUD I drop one bomb


I can see the bomb dropped but I have never been able to touch the target with that method.


At what distance the A10 is supposed to be from the bomb to guide it?

Do I have to drop before the lasing or after the lasing?

I also heard that we need the same laser code which is by default 1688. But I have no clue how am i supposed to check that.


Ty for your help

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The laser code of the bomb is set in mission editor, there is a "special tab".

You can also check on the kneeboard in the ground, engine off.

This is the lazing aircraft who a have to match the bomb code.


From what you say I suspect you designate target, fly away and come back to drop, maybe in horizontal flight.


You have to drop it like a Mk 82: Dive/ designate/ squeeze the trigger/ pull up = bomb away

The A-10 should start to lase when you dive.

Radio comms could looks like:

Mirage: In the dive

A-10C: Captured

M: Bomb away

A: Lasing


I'm not sure this has any influence in DCS, the A-10 should be roughly behind you.

If you dive in from the 090 of the target and the A-10 is in 270 it isn't good.


You would need to check A-10C doc for max range. But if he can clearly see the target in the pod it should be good.

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To add to what Jojo said, think about where that laser "spot" is. Think of it as a flashlight beam. The bomb needs to be able to see that beam on its way down or it will never track it. I usually place the A-10 below and behind me, offset maybe 20-45 degrees but not much more.


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Was doing exactly this the night before last - that is buddy lasing with an A10C.

Worked very well. I didnt notice any angles (relative between M2K & A10 - drops with A10 both in front of, to the side and behind the release point) that the gbu didnt track onto the target, though I fully expected the drops with the A10 on the far side of the target to fail horribly with no laser to ride...


I was in the M2K - I was intentionally 'aiming' toward, but not directly at, the intended target - often a runway width away and the bombs still tracked back to the intended target (default laser code in use).




A10: Lasing!

M2K: Rolling in / release (20K - 10K ft circuit, ~30 deg dive, 5-7K ft release and bank away)

Boom! - bad day for BMPs


The only misses were results of A10 losing target acquisition - if it stayed locked - it got hit.

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