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AAR-day mission 1

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Hi Fender


2 things to ensure, on the climb out after he tells you to turn 245, make sure you get inline with the first waypoint flightpath on the TAD and then stabilise on 245.you can do this before you breach 5000.


Also, make sure you input the required data into the CDU as instructed during startup to hit the cvip/cvrp timing correctly

Heres a neat video that'll walk you through it.



So position yourself on the flight for the waypoint then hold 245, you need to overfly that waypoint to trigger instructions to turn to 300 or something. The limits in the briefing are i think 5 deg either way so you can maneuver a little to stay on track.


If you just takeoff, and turn out to 245 not considering the prescribed flightpath you will end up flying into the deep blue sea

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