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control surfaces not moving correctly?


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When i pull my stick, then logically i pitch up, then the control surface indicator shows me, they are up, but just after a short time, it indicates on the indicator and also external view, they are in the full down position. I know that it limits the Gs/AoA that i'm pulling, but when the FBW puts them fully down, i'd expect that i can't pitch up anymore but pitch down, even when my stick is pulled.


At lower speeds, this doesn't appear...


So i guess the indicator and the external animations aren't correct...

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It's because the plane is naturally unstable, it work this way.


When you pull the sick the elevator goes up. When the plane take the commanded AoA the elevator goes a bit down to maintain this AoA.


Do a CTRL+ENTER to see the FBW controls ;)

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Basically the mirage being build naturally unstable has a tendency to rapidly pitch up if there wouldn't be the FBW keeping it from doing that.

So when you pull the stick fully back the FBW sort of "kicks" the plane upwards at which point the nose starts coming up, it then has to counter the pull-up from ripping the plane apart.

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What have been said above is true. But considering the size of the indicator and its position, you can't expect it to give you proportional display of elevons position.

So it says up/ down but not how much.:smilewink:

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