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sam sites are not reloading


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to my understanding after reading the few other posts on the subject, if you put sam sites next to a warehouse they should reload automatically after some 4,600 seconds for the big ones. I left the sim running for about 5 hours overnight and came back to find they had still not reloaded. what exactly do I need to do to make them reload?


should I be using trucks to do this instead? not sure how to do this


or can I do this through a trigger?


I have placed around a warehouse structure: SA11, SA8, SA15. none of them reloaded

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set the warehouse to the correct coalition and try again


and you can also speed up time so you don't have to wait 5 hours...


if it still doesn't work, place some trucks nearby


never knew there was time acceleration util now


the warehouse is owned by the same country as the sams. I dont see a specific coalition option but its the same color on the editor map.


I added an ural 375 in the middle of them in addition but still not working after accelerating about a 3 hours of game time for any of the platforms


heres the mission file to look at. use f10 radio menu once it starts to set alert state for sams green auto or red. they start in green state.

target range.miz

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